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PETMENTO emphasises on simplicity, not complexity in communicating to our clients. We ensure a first-class listening service with a full understanding of our clients’ requirements. Each item is then crafted accordingly and skillfully with a profound devotion to the attention of the finest detail and highest possible standard.

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About Our Leather
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PETMENTO keeps it simple. Our collections provide an easy choice to honor your pet's memory. Gemstones and other memorials are made directly from your pet's ashes, while some collections use your dog's image or silhouette for a unique reminder of them.


Our memorials need at least 10 grams of ashes, though different collections will vary. We can also transform the whole body cremains into ashes gemstones.


The details matter to our devoted team. Our master craftsmen conduct each step of our process with dignity and to the highest possible standard. With more than 30 years of experience and skill, our in-house goldsmith crafts exquisite ashes gemstones with precision and care.


Each order is tailor-made and handled with care and love. There is a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from; this jewelry or display ornament will serve as a tribute and remembrance of a loved pet.

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Our specialist purifies the cremated ashes by removing various substances with our unique technology in our Hong Kong workshop. We homogenize the pet ashes with our biogenic ingredients and fuse them at the temperature over 800°C into ashes gem. We have a few options offered for the color of the ashes gemstones.


The natural color may appear in white, grey, or green. In a few cases, it happens to fuse into a dark color. Color variation is normal due to the composition of elements in the cremated ashes. The Rainbow Kollection also provides a spectrum of colors to choose from.


Each piece of our creation is skillfully crafted with a heartfelt devotion to the attention to detail at its finest and highest possible standard. With a sophisticated internal documentation and management system enables us to issue a certificate of quality and keep track of every single detail of each personalised memorial gemstone created.

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