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Since 2011, Sage Eternity Gem Services Ltd takes pride in being the first entity to pioneer and introduce ashes gem technology to Hong Kong and overseas.


MEMENTO creates man-made memorial gemstones from cremated ashes utilizing state-of-the-art technology from Europe and Asia. This advancing technology enables bereaved families to stay connected with their loved ones and make a tangible and enduring piece of fine jewelry they can wear to honor and celebrate their loved ones.


By setting our workshop locally in Hong Kong, Memento provides convenient and efficient service. We welcome family members to monitor the gem creation process on-site to eliminate any doubt or concern. We keep our services and products as affordable as possible so more people can keep their memories close.

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In 2019, Sage's team understood the need for people to celebrate their close connections with their pets by creating PETMENTO, a collection for pet lovers. We turn cremated ashes into personalized gems with the outline of our beloved pets and provide a wide selection of rainbow colors. The collection matches the playful and happy memories we have of our companions.


At PETMENTO we love pets, and we understand the grief caused by the departure of our furry friends. We are here to help the pet lovers continue their deep connection with their loved ones by creating a tribute of unending love and keepsake for all the thoughts and sweet memories close to their hearts.

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